AboutOurWork: eHarmony for Small Businesses

by Paul Joseph on December 10, 2012 · 0 comments

Social media has become a pretty essential part of promoting and making connections for many types of businesses. But one key group is often left out when it comes to the main social networks – companies looking to make business-to-business connections. That’s why the team at AboutOurWork.com just launched its new MatchUp service, which aims to help entrepreneurs and small companies easily connect with others in their industry who could help further their business interests. For example, a wedding planner could use MatchUp to make connections with wedding photographers, caterers, and other professionals in the wedding industry. Co-founder David Hunegnaw said: “What we noticed when talking to local chambers of commerce is that when small businesses need to connect with one another, they still almost always do it through traditional channels like trade shows. In the wedding industry, there are so many professionals involved in the process and it can be very beneficial for them to connect, but to do that they travel around the country to different shows and events. We just thought that there had to be a more efficient way to make those connections.” Users of the site need to first create a profile on AboutOurWork, and then they can use the MatchUp recommendation engine by adding tags with pertinent information about their company, such as “wedding,” “planner,” and their city or state. Then the engine suggests other users they might want to connect with. Hunegnaw said that when he and partner, Brooke Paul, first presented the idea to the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, they dubbed it the “eHarmony for small businesses.” In addition to the recommendation engine, AboutOurWork also offers company profile pages that are not only optimized for search engines and mobile devices, but can also be used as a primary company website. When a company directs its custom url to its profile, AboutOurWork automatically removes all of its branding from the page so that it looks like a custom and professional website. Creating an AboutOurWork profile is free, but there is a small fee for using a custom domain. The photo above shows an example of a custom website on AboutOurWork, and on the right it shows a group of company profiles that other users can browse or search to find connections. AboutOurWork launched in the spring of this year, and MatchUp just launched earlier this month. The company has a team of 5 is based in Columbus, Ohio. The post AboutOurWork: eHarmony for Small Businesses appeared first on Small Business Trends .

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