Mobile Business Benefits from AT&T Sales

by Paul Joseph on January 29, 2013 · 0 comments

Mobile business benefited from a recent rise in AT&T sales. The increase in smartphones and mobile plans means a bigger audience and more opportunity for small businesses. Read on for details on how mobile is changing the way we do business. Mobile Business Demand Increases More mobile phones and plans added .  AT&T announced sales of 8.6 million iPhones and added 780,000 new subscribers in a successful fourth quarter, closing 2012. The numbers mean more mobile users out there and more potential customers for your business, too. The Verge iPhone sales are the real metric . Analysis of AT&T’s Wall Street performance in the fourth quarter is not the point for small businesses. Instead, it is the increasing number of smartphones out there. Your business should be ready to cater to this growing market. TechCrunch Smartphone demand signals important trend . AT&T plans to buy U.S. spectrum licenses for 42 million mobile users in 18 states. The purchase will be made from rival Verizon Wireless for $1.9 million, reflecting explosive demand for mobile data and a need to build faster networks. Fox Business Boost Your Mobile Business Your business needs mobile . Shannon Willoby shares a post about the importance of mobile Websites for your business. The article looks at the advantages versus the costs of going mobile,  at how mobile Websites can keep customers happy, and how they can increase your customer engagement. Scott’s Local Business Corner The future of mobile commerce . Rieva Lesonsky shares this post reviewing two studies about the future of mobile commerce. The studies say mobile payments and mobile commerce will surge. One study suggests these payments could rise from $18.2 billion this year to $90 billion in 2017. Grow Smart Biz Power of mobile infographic . Verónica Maria Jarski shares information on mobile business trends. For example, one study suggests that even though mobile device owners shop more often, 42 percent complete their purchases on the PC. MarketingProfs Six mobile tech tools . Devan Perine shares this list of essential travel gear for the mobile entrepreneur. Make the life of a “21st century nomad” more comfortable. Do business from anywhere with these must-haves. EnMast The post Mobile Business Benefits from AT&T Sales appeared first on Small Business Trends .

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