Heat-seeking Innovation

by Paul Joseph on March 10, 2013 · 0 comments

So for a little bit of fun I took a look at some of the comparisons between heat seeking missiles and applied those to heat-seeking innovation. Ok, I know a little “left field” but it became interesting, so stay with me for a few moments of wanderings. Stretching your thinking around heat-seeking innovation So, I’m stretching our thinking, ignoring much within the design of heat seeking missiles but looking at some of the commonalities that are surprisingly around us in different ways when we need to build into our innovation capability, building for future innovation, to respond too in far more smarter ways. Can you see these commonalities? Heat-seeking innovation relies on piecing together considerable data, rapidly absorbing the individual values to ‘react’ to the unfamiliar and continue to manage the constant and familiar. The parallels with heat-seeking missiles With so many new business models occurring, they are out to … Continue reading →

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