10 Reasons Your Business Still Doesn’t Use Pinterest

by Paul Joseph on March 15, 2013 · 0 comments

Recent reports suggest Pinterest is well on its way to being one of the biggest social networks ever . A study last month indicates that while Facebook still maintains its domination with 67 percent of American Internet users, Twitter, the second runner up with 16 percent of the same audience, may soon be overtaken by Pinterest, which now has about 15 percent. It kind of makes you wonder why small businesses aren’t moving faster to adopt the popular image sharing site. Another study showed that while small businesses are focusing on Facebook and Twitter, adoption of Pinterest has been slower . Here’s our admittedly tongue in cheek list of reasons small businesses might not be adopting Pinterest, just for fun. Why Your Business Still Doesn’t Use Pinterest You Don’t Really Care About Analytics This week, Pinterest announced the introduction of analytics tools telling site owners how many people have pinned images from their websites, how many other users have viewed these pins, and how many people have visited their websites from Pinterest. Who needs that, right? Small Business Trends Shiny New Social Tools Just Leave You Cold Tools and tips for improving your skills using Pinterest abound. Here are more than 26 of them collected by blogger Wong Ching Ya that can take your social media efforts to the next level. But hey, maybe your small business doesn’t really need that kind of thing. Social@Blogging Tracker You Don’t Need Better Sales or SEO Experienced Pinterest marketers like Melanie Duncan are regularly giving free seminars like this one to boost SEO and sales. Duncan claims her strategies can double your traffic, followers and sales using Pinterest in the next 90 days. Now, why would you want something like that, right? LinkedIn Monetization Just Isn’t Your Thing In this post, Jacob Kastrenakes claims Pinterest’s new analytics isn’t just a way of improving results for marketers who already love the site. It also opens the door for more precise monetization, not just for Pinterest, but for businesses who use the site for driving traffic. But then, finding a way to better monetize your web presence probably doesn’t much interest you, huh? The Verge You’re Oblivious to the Current Trends You may have heard small businesses and brands aren’t the only ones using Pinterest to market themselves. Job seekers have also gotten into the act. This story suggests job seekers are using Pinterest to learn more about potential co-workers at a job they want and employers can use Pinterest to figure out whether an employee would be a good fit. Yes, these techniques might be translatable to your business, if you’d just give Pinterest a try. LifeInc . You Couldn’t Care Less About Industry Leaders Retailers like online auction giant eBay have begun looking at Pinterest’s success. They are redesigning their sites to look more like Pinterest. Ebay says its redesign already has customers spending more time on the company website. Oh, but what does eBay know, right? Digiday You Don’t Want to Know What Your Customers Think The new analytics for Pinterest also give a better sense of what consumers respond to, both positively and negatively, on the social network. If your business used Pinterest, you would get a much better view of how your social marketing efforts were working with your audience. If that kind of thing interests you, of course.  Internet Retailer E-commerce Isn’t a Part of Your Game Plan Pinterest and sites like it could have a huge impact on e-commerce, and this isn’t just because big companies like eBay are copying some of Pinterest’s successes into its own business model. It’s also because of Pinterest clones with e-commerce capabilities like Wanelo . Are you sure your business doesn’t need a tool like this? Fox Business You Don’t Want to Boost Your Social Engagement Lorna Sixsmith writes in this post about the opportunities to increase social media engagement using Pinterest. Sixsmith gives a brief tutorial on how to boost Pinterest followers using a contests and other techniques on the site. But maybe social media engagement with your customers isn’t something your company needs. Write on Track You Don’t Believe in Data Pinterest isn’t just the latest social media channel out there. Some data suggests it also works more effectively than its competitors. Take a study last year suggesting that Pinterest drives 2.5 percent more traffic to a homepage than rival Twitter. If you believe in all that data stuff, that is.  Econsultancy Conclusion Obviously, we’ve had a little fun compiling this list of reasons your small business might not be putting a priority on adopting Pinterest. In fact, we’d really like to know the sentiments of the small business community out there. Do you consider Pinterest to be a priority in your online presence and why or why not? The post 10 Reasons Your Business Still Doesn’t Use Pinterest appeared first on Small Business Trends .

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