15 Beautiful Places to Contemplate Your Startup

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Whether you already have a great business idea or are looking for inspiration for a business startup, consider taking some time to get away from it all. Take a short break to mull over your idea. Clear your head and work out the details for your next venture in a beautiful and relaxing environment. It will bring clarity and energize you for the challenges ahead. But not everyone is the same, so the ideal getaway for you might not be the same as for someone else. To help you choose, we’ve created a list of possible destinations where you can contemplate your startup. Below is are 15 places you may want to consider that you can view as a slideshow or as a single page. 1. The Grand Canyon Looking for some peace and quiet? You can avoid crowds by hiking the Grand Canyon National Park’s many trails or driving to the cool evergreen forests of the North Rim. It’s just the place for aspiring entrepreneurs to enjoy the view at their leisure and think at their own pace. Grand Canyon Photo via Shutterstock 2. New York’s Central Park There’s a lot you can do at Central Park, but take a pedicab or a horse carriage tour for a pleasant change. You could also take a bike or just walk while you think about launching your startup. Central Park, New York Photo via Shutterstock 3. Alaska Long, very cold winters and short, cool summers await you in Alaska. There are many ways to enjoy the locale but driving allows you the freedom to explore at your own pace. Who knows? As you look on mountains, glaciers and waterways along Alaska’s highways you could have your eureka moment. Lazy Bear, Alaska Photo via Shutterstock 4. Cancun This is a place where you can indulge in water sports, take a tour of eco-parks or visit Mayan archaeological sites. You can relax at the beach and experience Mexican culture at its best. It is a good destination to sit back and let ideas come with clarity and ease. Mayan Riviera, Cancun, Mexico Photo via Shutterstock 5. The Great Barrier Reef Marvel at the range of marine life and explore tropical islands or simply laze at the beaches. There’s a lot that can inspire you at the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Energize yourself for that next startup. Great Barrier Reef, Australia Photo via Shutterstock 6. The Bahamas Try the People-To-People Experience when you visit the Bahamas islands. A far cry from the run off the mill vacation, you’ll be paired with a volunteer Bahamian host to see their culture. This one-of-a-kind vacation experience gives you plenty of opportunities to be inspired. The Bahamas Photo via Shutterstock 7. Yellowstone National Park America’s first national park lets you enjoy wildlife at its best. Home to grizzly bears, wolves, bison and elk, the park is just the place for nature lovers. Your next green business idea could spring forth from here perhaps? Emerald Pool, Yellowstone National Park Photo via Shutterstock 8. Asilah Asilha, Morocco, is for those of you who love small towns. From the spring through early summer, during its famous cultural moussem festival, the town draws many artists including several Moroccan painters. If you’re looking for inspiration, this might be the place. Asilah, Morocco Photo via Shutterstock 9. Marrakech A city that blends the past with contemporary dynamism, Marrakesh exudes life and enthusiasm. Exotic finds, picturesque locations and relaxing strolls here will help you find inspiration and clarity. Marrakech, Morocco Photo via Shutterstock 10. Chiang Rai Chiang Rai, Thailand with its natural beauty and solitude is just the place if you seek tranquility. You can visit the lively Night Bazaar and enjoy local crafts, food and dance while you chew on that brilliant business idea. Chiang Rai, Thailand Photo via Shutterstock 11. Dubai Contemporary, fast paced and bustling with people, Dubai is the place to visit for a short break. Among surreal shopping experiences, famous gold souk  (traditional markets), and art galleries, you will find lots that is commerce-related to give you new global business ideas. Dubai Photo via Shutterstock 12. Jordan Jordan, with its millennia-old civilization, the Red and Dead seas, incredible desert landscapes and the glories of Petra, a magnificent ancient city, gives you the opportunity to take a refreshing break. As you gaze at the undulating landscape your resolve to jump on the business bandwagon will only be strengthened. Petra, Jordan Photo via Shutterstock 13. Muscat The Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace of Sultan Qaboos accompanied by the twin forts of Jalali and Mirani, situated on a deep water harbor provides a stunning vista. Samhan Mountain, Dhofar, with its beautiful mountains, deserts and coastal areas and Wadi Darbat are also just some of the places to enjoy a short break in Muscat. As vistas and valleys open up before you, you won’t be short of visionary ideas. Sultan’s Palace, Al-Jalali Fort, Muscat, Oman Photo via Shutterstock 14. Bodrum Bodrum, Turkey presents the right mix of beautiful settings and a vibrant nightlife. With its white houses and narrow streets leading up to the sea, Bodrum provides a peaceful atmosphere and great climate to let you think about the nitty gritty of your startup. Bodrum, Turkey Photo via Shutterstock 15. Shanghai Walk your own path at Fuxing Park in the colonial-era French Concession. You can sit under shady sycamore trees amidst stuccoed villas or scour through the lineup of antique and curio shops off Xizang Road in Shanghai. Explore both sides of the Huangpu River. Shanghai is the financial power center of China. Who knows what might inspire your next business idea? Shanghai, China Photo via Shutterstock The post 15 Beautiful Places to Contemplate Your Startup appeared first on Small Business Trends .

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