Apple, Acer Push Mobile, LinkedIn Goes Down, More

by Paul Joseph on October 25, 2013 · 0 comments

Changes in the small business world seem to happen at the speed of light these days. And technology has only hastened this change. The Small Business Tends editorial team knows you have to keep up. And you need to do so even though you’ve got a business to run. That’s why we provide a simple alternative to hours spent browsing news feeds. Here’s our weekly roundup of the stories that count. Dig in! New Mobile Products Emerge The iPad Air is here . That’s the iPad 5 for the uninitiated. The question is, with the cost of Windows tablets dropping, is an Apple product really your best option for business mobility these days? Acer’s Chromebook makes Web access easy . Low cost and fast login are the big selling points here. But for entrepreneurs trying to stay connected while also watching the bottom line, what a selling point it is. Cheaper phones from China . It used to be that lower cost technology meant cheaper and sometimes less reliable components. And don’t forget fewer features. Not so today as Xiaomi ushers in a new low cost high tech era. New mobile ads from Facebook . New mobile video ads are targeted primarily at app developers for now. But it’s clear the social network is trying to expand its mobile marketing offerings. It’s time to plan a more mobile Facebook campaign for your business too. Website Troubles LinkedIn disruption makes waves . Business leaders and professionals discovered just how important LinkedIn has become to them Wednesday. That’s the day the site became inaccessible to many…for hours! Obamacare website has troubles too . A mandate for businesses with 50 or more employees to provide healthcare insurance for their workers doesn’t kick in until 2015. Let’s hope the website works by then. New Smartphone Tools There’s a new Windows Phone 8…again . Yes, it’s the third time Microsoft has upgraded its Windows Phone 8 operating system. But this new version leaves room for a bigger Windows Phone experience. Turn your smartphone into a recruitment tool . This new LinkedIn app lets you browse candidates, read what other reviewers are saying and then follow through. And all you need is a phone. Crowdfunding Trends Crowdfunding for craft brew . The fact that a site like CrowdBrewed exists proves that this trend has reached the niche level. What other specific small business markets can you think of that deserve their own crowdfunding site? The Business of Security Is iMessenger really hack proof ? In the end this story has less too do with yet another Apple product claim. But it has everything to do with how safe your business information can ever really be. Taxes IRS delay adds some pressure . Fortunately, says CPA Jody L. Padar, it shouldn’t be a problem if you get all your tax information to your accountant well before filling begins. Be sure to contact your accountant early. Reading Photo via Shutterstock The post Apple, Acer Push Mobile, LinkedIn Goes Down, More appeared first on Small Business Trends .

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